Garden to Glass Cocktails at Essensia Restaurant

A sip from a chilled glass of a spring cocktail is even more refreshing if it contains fresh-picked produce from a garden. So it is no surprise that Signature Chef, of Essensia Restaurant and Lounge, Julie Frans took the first step in harvesting an herb garden dedicated to Essensia’s kitchen and cocktail ingredients.

The process of choosing the drink is actually quite simple according to Chef Julie. She often decides what  ingredients to include based on her constant presence in the garden and the ability to eye the freshest, most seasonal ingredients for the restaurant’s bar (and kitchen).

These days, the craft of making cocktails can be easily compared to the art of cooking. Ingredients that come from local farmer’s markets or a garden, are the trend for those who take delight in the participation, and now drinking, organic and local food. It is no longer thought of as a chef-only territory.

At Essensia Restaurant and Lounge, we often use blended vegetables, herbs, and juices with a variety of craft or organic spirits found on our Essential Cocktail  Menu to create thirst-quenching, flavorful libations. The result is a delightfully balanced and flavorful beverage that can change with the seasons. They are perfect to serve at pool parties, outdoor gatherings, and just about any outdoor or warm weather soiree.

For more ideas, check out Essensia’s mention in Ocean Drive Magazines “Miami Bars Grow Their Own” article for cool ideas from experts on how to mix your own spring garden-to-glass cocktail.



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