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Has Christmas snuk up on you this year? Mid-week Christmases always catch us by surprise. Fortunately, Essensia Restaurant has prepared a scrumptious 3-course Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day brunch buffet that is sure to delight even the most sophisticated palates. Prepared for you by Essensia’s Signature Chef, Julie Frans and her talented culinary team, experience a flavorful and seasonal Christmas menu prepared with the highest quality local, natural and sustainable ingredients. So before you start freaking out about all the last minute shopping, party planning, gift wrapping, and cooking; reserve your table at Essensia and have at least one of those things taken care of for you!


Garden to Glass Cocktails at Essensia Restaurant


A sip from a chilled glass of a spring cocktail is even more refreshing if it contains fresh-picked produce from a garden. So it is no surprise that Signature Chef, Julie Frans took the first step in harvesting an herb garden dedicated to Essensia’s kitchen and cocktail ingredients. These days, the craft of making cocktails can be easily compared to the art of cooking. Ingredients that come from local farmer’s markets or a garden, are the trend for those who take delight in the participation, and now drinking, organic and local food. It is no longer thought of as a chef-only territory.


Flower Power at Essensia Restaurant

DSC_2953 (3)

Valentine’s Day is known for giving flowers as a means of expressing love. In nature, flowers are the highest expression of a plant’s energy. This year’s Valentine’s Day prefix menu at Essensia Restaurant will focus on bringing edible flowers to the center of each plate. Taking that universal energy of nature and love to the next level. Try something new and tease your senses by experiencing flowers through taste, rather than through sight and smell. Dine on a savory 5 course meal made from the ultimate expressions of nature’s beauty and experience a unique way of expressing beauty and love through food.


Chef’s Seasonal Side Recipe

seasonal supper chef julie frans essensia

Holiday entertaining can become overwhelming if you don’t plan. Today’s blog features 2 simple, yet elegant side dish recipes that will WOW your guests!

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