Kick Back, Relax and Vacation at Home

There’s nothing like vacation – and no place like home. Good thing you don’t have to choose.

Since the recession began a few years ago, household discretionary spending has hit an all time low.  Heading up the list of things to cut back on is usually the annual family vacations.  Instead of expensive airline tickets and hotel stays, families are now substituting cheaper alternatives:  driving to see relatives, having friends and relatives come to see them or waiting for special travel deals online.  But an increasingly popular and surprisingly fun vacation alternative is the stay-at-home-vacation, otherwise known as the “staycation;” and The Palms Hotel & Spa offers Florida residents a few local options to choose from.

The Palms Spa never disappoints and believes self-indulgence should be celebrated. We’re often so entrenched in our daily routines and occupied by demands that we fail to make use of the abundant resources right in our own backyard.  With this said, we have carefully combined the perfect Miami Resident Day Spa offer that is tailor made just for people like you, our loyal local following. The package features 20% off spa and nail services, 20% off lunch at Essensia Restaurant, discounted valet parking and complimentary use of the hotels pool and beach facilities as well as our spa relaxation area complete with a steam room.

Looking to stay longer than a day? Well look no further than The Palms Hotel Florida Resident Special. Enjoy 10% off our standard room rates, $10.00 valet parking credit (Reg. Rate $35.00) and a $50 daily spa credit ($140.00 minimum spend)!

Go ahead, play ‘hometown tourist,’ and enjoy some of the things that The Palms Hotel & Spa has put together for you and your family. We promise, you just might love it!

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