New Paleo Friendly Miami Spice Menus

Essensia Restaurant now offers a gourmet dining experience for guests to enjoy paleo friendly foods in our elegant atmosphere. Our September Miami Spice Menus offer several options that fall into the Paleo-friendly category and guests can simply request the Spice Paleo Dinner or Lunch menu from their servers. Coming in October, with the launch of our Fall-Winter Menus, paleo-friendly combinations will have a defined space within our mainstream menus. 

What does Paleo mean? Paleo is a catchy little term for the process of choosing food based on your evolutionary metabolic condition.  Instead of eating a diet composed mainly of recent, Neolithic-era, agricultural and processed foods like grains, dairy and frozen dinners, Paleo eaters choose their foods from meat, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables.  Adopting this hunter-gatherer approach to food is believed by some to keep your body fat percentage in check, your insulin sensitivity strong and your entire body functioning in accordance with its ingenious design.  It is “clean eating” of foods that come straight from the earth, prepared in a simple way, without processing or altering the ingredients. Foods that are considered inflamatory to the body are not considered to fall in the Paleo Category. 

Foods that are not included in the paleo lifestyle:

Processed foods and fast foods
Processed oils, fry oils, cheap oil blends, and hydrogenated oils
Corn and potatoes (yams and sweet potatoes are ok)
All grains, including rice, quinoa, millet, farro, etc.
All dairy, including butter (some paleo eaters believe that Ghee, or clarified butter is ok)
All sugar (unprocessed honey & pure maple syrup are both ok)
All legumes (beans, lentils, peanuts)
Wheat/Gluten products

It is a natural progression for us to offer paleo friendly foods here at Essensia. We have been catering to gluten free and dairy free diners, along with many other types of dietary restrictions and food sensitivities, for two years. Offering paleo-friendly dishes is just taking our missionone step further, combining our fresh foods, made from high quality ingredients, in ways that paleo diners can also enjoy. We already utilize grass fed beef, naturally raised chicken, fresh local fish, high quality oils and vinegars, and local farm produce as much as is available. Putting it together in new ways- without grains or dairy- that’s the easy part.
Chef Julie Frans, Signature Chef

Chef Julie is passionate about all kinds of foods, and knows that only a handful of our diners are looking for these Paleo-friendly foods. She continues to use grains, dairy, and legumes in many of her other dishes at Essensia. “You will still find your favorite fish and chips, flatbread pizzas, panini sandwiches, kale caesar, and quinoa salads, among other favorites, on our Essensia menus for seasons to come,” chef Julie adds. 


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