Culinary events in Miami: Dinner in Paradise

Throughout the year, Essensia and its culinary team participate in an array of culinary events and dinners that underline the restaurants mission of providing local, seasonal and fresh gourmet cuisine. Among these culinary events in Miami, Dinner in Paradise is one of our favorite.

Hosted at Paradise Farms, Dinner in Paradise is a series of monthly charity driven dinners which showcase the best chefs in Miami who are all customers of Paradise Farms. On March 25, Chef Julie Frans will join Chef Michael Schwartz and Chef Sam Gorenstein to prepare a Dinner in Paradise featuring a delicious five-course meal made with local organic products and paired with fine wines. Proceeds from the dinner will benefit the Troy Community Academy. More information and tickets are available online at

Last month, the Essensia team visited Paradise Farms for a guided tour and lunch with Gabriele Marewski. Photos of the trip are posted on our facebook page at

More about Paradise Farms
In 1999 Gabriele Marewski founded Paradise Farms. Respecting the principles of sacred geometry and the ancient art of feng sui, the layout of the farm is centered on a circle of beds and a gazebo that was designed in collaboration with Robert Barnes, a local architect and Richard Medlock, a local artist. The farm started with lettuce in the circle beds and each season the planting expanded to a greater variety of products. Today, the product line includes micro greens, herbs, edible flowers, baby greens mix, heirloom tomatoes, assorted basil and mint tops, baby root vegetables, honey and a variety of tropical fruits including carambola, jackfruit, monstera, mango, avocado, cotton candy fruit and bananas. Paradise Farms sells exclusively to the best chefs at high-end restaurants in the Miami area.

Paradise Farms Organic incorporates Biodynamic principles, which, among other things, encourages an intimate relationship with the land based on the energies of the earth, sun, moon and cosmos. The farm recognizes and values the vibration in everything from the atom, to the plants, insects, animals, and people. The farm design supports its intention to work with nature’s energy. This idea produces a higher vibrating food enriching its flavor. Paradise Farms is certified organic by Quality Certification Services from Gainesville.

Our ingredients are simple: natural organic matter, love and care. All weeds are pulled by hand, all planting is done by hand and all harvesting is done very selectively by hand. We pride ourselves in our edible flowers as they are the highest expression of the plant’s energy and represent the highest expression of the farm.

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