chef chat with Julie Frans

Chef Chat!

Q: How can we create healthy meals and still have the food taste good?

A: Keep it simple, fresh and vibrant! When food is fresh and vibrant, it has a lot of flavor. When you eat quality foods, you don’t need to mask the flavors or over-complicate things. To cook veggies and proteins, just add butter or olive oil, salt and pepper.

Q: How can we get our kids to eat the healthy, flavorful mean?

A: Kids should be developing a taste for basic foods, not processed/factory made items. Add or offer a touch of familiar flavor to a healthy meal. Try to use these items as a topping or flavor agent rather than a side. Items may include:
bacon or natural ham
shredded cheese
ranch dressing or dip (pay attention to ingredients)
ketchup and mustard

If this helps your kids eat healthy baked chicken or brocolli, it’s a step in the right direction!



  1. I was at the garden tour mid-February and Chef Julie prepare us a delicious salad with herbs and star fruit. I can’t remember all the ingredients in this salad, specially her secret spices. I wondering if you can tell me what it was, so I can eat that fresh salad until my next visit.

    Thank you and continue your good work. You are different and we love it!

    Josee Alain

    • Every week our chef’s garden salad features a different variety of herbs and garden treats. It really depends on what is growing best that week, and what the guests are most interested in. It could have been any combination of:
      Lemon basil or lemon balm
      Chinese scallions
      Apple mint
      Edible flowers

      Chef Julie always uses Lucini oils and vinegars, mostly basil oil and balsamic. And maldon sea salt and tellicheri pepper. Her secret ingredient is “Fennel pollen”

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